Knights open up mini camp for Offensive and Defensive lines

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Georgia Knights Prep Academy started week 2 mini camp with 11 Offensive linemen and 8 Defensive linemen

The Georgia Knights may open the season in August but waiting until training camp was not in the plans for Coach Roach and the Knights. " We got calls form players wanting to know when did camp start and what was needed to get in shape. We had open gym time but that didn't seem to help. When Georgia opened the state we opened our doors for training camp", Said Coach Roach. The Knights conducted mini camp for the WR and QB's with 3 Star QB Justin Lewis and 3 Star Bryson Rodgers in attendance.

This will be the Knights 2nd week which will conclude Saturday with team drills and video review.

“Mini camp gives us the upper hand when it comes to developing players. We get a chance to see where a player is physically and mentally ” -Coach Roach

Weight Room Paying off

As camp continued the highlight of the week was Running back Larry Brooks and his 6oo pound squat. " Got a call at home that Larry had a squat of 600 pounds and I had our training staff send me a video . Until I saw it with my own eyes I did trust what messages sent read. Eye in the sky don't lie."

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