Georgia Knights Prep Academy school is built for dedicated and passionate student-athletes. We provide the tools and resources for our student-athletes to achieve their goals in the classroom, in their sport, in college and beyond. Georgia Knights Academy tuition rates are based on the comprehensive nature of our programming and resources available to student-athletes.


Georgia Knights Prep Academy offers scholarships based on academic, athletic, character and financial review.

List Of Fees

The above amounts also include the following:

  • NCAA Approved Online Courses (2)


  • SAT/ACT Prep Course and Materials 

  • Athletic Fees/Equipment/Uniforms/Transportation

  • Strictly Monitored Strength And Conditioning Program

  • NCAA Clearance Evaluation-Not Registration

  • Recruiting Promotion

  • Development Of Highlight Video

Schedule of Tuition/Plans

Roster Fee (Due Within 14 Days Of Commitment): $1,500.00

Once accepted at GKPA, parents will be asked to confirm commitment within 14 days by paying a roster fee to secure a spot or offer will be removed as spots are limited.

Each individual is responsible for damage due to his actions. In cases where no one takes responsibility for his actions, then damages outside of normal wear and tear will be pro-rated based on the entire pool of money received. If the individual pool or the entire pool is used, then bills for the balance will be sent to individuals accordingly.

Application Fee: $50

Not Included and Needed

  • NCAA Clearinghouse Registration


  • Laptop Computer With Camera and Wireless Capability


  • Black Cleats/Turf Shoes


  • Individual Health Insurance

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